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Perstorp believes in improving everyday life – making it safer, more Perstorp Perstorp Holding AB Neptunigatan 1. SE-211 20 Malmö Sweden Perstorp, a global leader in specialty chemicals, today published its Annual Report for the Perstorp Holding AB. Company Information; COP; Contributions 2020-05-05, 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report, Active. 2019-05-06  IT Application Portfolio Manager at Perstorp AB Today, we have released our Annual & Sustainability Report for 2020.

Perstorp ab annual report

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The consolidated accounts for Perstorp Holding AB have been prepared in ac- cordance with the Annual Accounts Act, the Swedish Financial Reporting Board's . Find the latest ratings, reports, data, and analytics on Perstorp Holding AB. Moody's updates its cross-sector methodology for financial statement adjustments  Perstorp AB is an international company with approximately 1,350 employees. For over 130 years, it has dedicated itself to improving the lives of millions of  chemical solutions. ANNUAL & SoCIAL RESPoNSIBILITY REPoRT decisions about the urgent matters facing Perstorp Holding AB and its subgroups.

Styrelseledamot i Industriförbundet,. Perstorp AB och Trelleborg AB. Innehar 1.500 B-aktier. Bo Damberg, född 1937. Styrelseledamot sedan 1999. Bankdirektör i 

23 Apr 2020 Polygiene AB (publ.) Annual tions within Perstorp AB and Nexam Chemical AB . Röme is the Annual Report for the 2019 financial year. 26 Feb 2020 net assets acquired from Perstorp Holding AB's Caprolactone Business, from its assessment of internal control over financial reporting as of  31 May 2017 MOSCOW (MRC) -- Synthomer plc has acquired Perstorp Oxo Belgium AB from the Swedish Perstorp Holding AB for EUR 78 million, reported  16 May 2012 The deadline for submitting the Perstorp Holding AB's annual Communication The Perstorp Group will not be able to release the report until. 21 Mar 2019 Financial Statements and Notes in this Annual Report reflects the Bergvik Skog Öst AB, which will help to secure a future wood supply for.

2019 Annual and Sustainability Report: Active: 2019-05-06: Communication on Progress 2018: Active: 2018-05-07: Communication on Progress 2017: Active: 2017-05-08: Communication on Progress 2016: Active: 2016-06-07: Communication on Progress 2015: Active: 2015-06-10: Perstorp Annual COP: Active: 2014-06-13: Perstorp Annual COP: Active: 2013-06-24

Perstorp AB (tidigare Stensmölla Kemiska Tekniska Industri och Skånska Ättikfabriken AB) är ett kemiindustriföretag beläget i Perstorp, grundat 1881 av Wilhelm Wendt. Industrin är bland annat känd för sin tillverkning av ättika och plastlaminat , ofta kallad "Perstorp-Plattan" eller "Perstorpskiva". The Annual Report for 2020 is divided into three parts; Progress Report (other web site) Annual Report 2020. Sustainability report 2020 .

The printed version of the Annual Report … Products Exported by Perstorp Oxo Ab ethylhexanoic acid, polyol h8, 29159070, 100503, 2915.90.1800 100503, valeric acid, 100503 29159070, 2915.90.1800 100503, 626 1346, 626 1644, joe diehl, following broker, corrosive liquid, acidic organic, acidic organic n.o.s, corrosive liquid acidic, liquid acidic, liquid acidic organic, organic n.o.s, 4501638693 rel, 2020-06-09 Simply put, we work to make good products even better, with a clear sustainability agenda. Perstorp has approximately 1,350 employees, manufacturing units in Asia, Europe and North America and Preem AB is wholly-owned by Corral Petroleum Holdings AB. Preem was formed in May 1996 and quickly became a well-known brand. Today, Preem is Sweden’s largest fuel company.
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Perstorp ab annual report

The proposed record day for … 2013/14. Report. Press release. Presentation. Webcast.

It is sent by post to shareholders who have notified the Company that they wish to receive a copy. Printed copies of the report can be ordered via or by phoning +46 10 450 71 22. Kontaktuppgifter till Perstorp Ab Perstorp, telefonnummer, adress och kontaktuppgifter.
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the 1995/1996 annual report Perstorp presented its vision for the future concerning the structural and Trelleborg AB, was also elected as member of the board.

Perstorp Annual and Sustainability Report 2010. Perstorp Annual Report 2009 part 1. Perstorp Annual Report 2009 part 2. Perstorp Annual Report 2008. Perstorp Annual Report 2007. Perstorp Annual Report 2006.

Styrelseobservatör Perstorp Holding AB. Frédéric Safegate (2014-2017) och Perstorp av EU godkända International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).


This online version introduces and summarizes the report. The statutory Annual Report can be found here in pdf format. Perstorp, a global leader in specialty chemicals, today published its Annual Report for the year ended December 2018. 2019 Annual and Sustainability Report Participant.